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Customer service, rights and obligations

1: Our company mainly provides you with the following services:

1. Commodity sales and distribution services

Virtual channel goods 7 days hesitation period (please note that the hesitation period is not a probation period);

Shopping discount feedback;

Cash on delivery.

2. Our product page will provide the maximum quantity of a single product for customers' reference. In principle, we only ship within the maximum quantity.

3. The pricing method of freight will be stated on the website. If there is no record, it will be borne by our company.

4. Notice of customer related rights and interests, including but not limited to commodity trial, lottery, service satisfaction survey or other new member services in the future.

5. The company may add, modify or terminate the above related services according to the actual situation.

2: When you complete the registration procedures at the mall, you shall be deemed to have known and fully agreed to all the agreed services in the terms of service.

In addition, when you use the specific services of Barbie mall, you may be subject to the terms of service or relevant provisions separately announced by Barbie mall according to the nature of the specific services. The terms of service or relevant provisions separately announced by Barbie mall are also incorporated into the terms of service.

3: If you are under the age of 20, you should read and understand all the contents of the terms of service with your legal representative, and agree to register or continue to use them after modification.

When you use or continue to use any of the services provided by Barbie mall, your legal representative has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of the terms of service and subsequent amendments.

4: Both the client and Barbara agree to use electronic documents as means of expression of intention.

5: The company reserves the right to terminate the account service of any customer who violates the law, fails to comply with the agreement of both parties and maliciously abuses the service rights and interests.

6: The company has the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time in the future if necessary, and may notify the customer of the modification by e-mail, telephone or other appropriate means.

7: When the company notifies the customer of the information necessary for providing services, it can do so by any contact information kept by the customer. If there is any change in the customer's contact information, it should update the information at any time by logging on the website, telephone notification, etc., so as to maintain the correctness, timeliness and integrity of the information.

If your information is wrong, overdue or for other reasons not attributable to the company, and the message delivered by the company cannot be received, it is still deemed that the company has completed the service of the notice.

Customer account, password and security

1. If a customer is registered as a member of the company through various channels, the registered account number and password shall not be repeated. When a customer registers, he / she must fill in his / her exact personal data. If he / she is found to have a false registration, the company may suspend or terminate your customer qualification. If he / she violates the relevant laws of the Republic of China, he / she will also be investigated in accordance with the law.

2. The customer shall keep the password properly, and shall not disclose or provide the password to others for knowledge or use. All behaviors of using the service with the same customer account and password will be considered as the behavior of the customer himself, and the customer shall be responsible according to law.

3. If a customer discovers or suspects that a third party has used his / her account number or password, he / she shall immediately notify the company, and the company will immediately suspend the processing and subsequent use of the transaction generated by the account number. However, the customer's legal liability before the notice shall not be exempted by the notice.

Customer transactions

1. The commodity name, price, content, specification, model and other relevant information displayed on the commodity trading page are all part of the contract between you and our company.

2. You agree to place an order according to the confirmed quantity and price mechanism provided by our company. If the company refuses to place an order with normal reasons within two working days after placing the order, but the customer has paid, the contract shall be deemed established.

3. According to Article 19, items 1, 2 and 3 of the consumer protection law, a consumer of a communication transaction or a visit transaction may, within seven days after receiving the goods or services, return the goods or terminate the contract in writing without giving any reason or bearing any fee or consideration. 2. Unless there are reasonable exceptions in communication transactions. 3. Reasonable exceptions to the proviso to the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed by the Executive Yuan. 】Therefore, after the contract is established and you accept the goods, unless otherwise announced by the government, other laws and regulations shall be limited to apply. In principle, you have the right to terminate the contract as mentioned in Article 19 (1) of the consumer protection law. If you need to return the goods, please refer to the description of return / refund procedures in [frequently asked questions].

Payment related interests

Our company provides a variety of payment methods for you to choose. For details, please refer to the description of payment methods in FAQ.

Customer privacy protection

1. Regarding the personal data provided by you when you register or use this service, we will use and protect it in accordance with the privacy statement policy.

2. When the customer uses the service, all data records in the process of using the service shall be subject to the data recorded in the service database. In case of any dispute, the electronic data recorded in the service database shall be regarded as the identification standard, unless the customer can provide other data and prove it to be true.

Intellectual property rights

All contents on the company's website, including but not limited to copyright, pictures, files, information, materials, website architecture, website screen arrangement and web design, shall be owned by the company or other right holders according to law, including but not limited to trademark right, patent right, copyright, business secret and proprietary technology. No one is allowed to use, show, remake, broadcast in public, remake, distribute, distribute, publish in public, carry out restoration engineering or decompilation.

If you want to drink or reprint the contents of the above website, you must obtain the prior written consent of the company or other right holders in accordance with the law. It is your duty to respect the intellectual property rights. In case of violation, you shall be liable for damages (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney's fees, etc.) to the company.

Suspension of service

The company maintains the normal operation of the service in a reasonable way and technology. However, under the following circumstances, the company will suspend or interrupt the whole or part of the service

1. Relocation, replacement, upgrading, protection or maintenance of software and hardware equipment related to the service;

2. Any violation of government laws and regulations or the terms of use by the user;

3. The service is stopped or interrupted due to natural disaster or other force majeure;

4. Other reasons not attributable to the company causing the service to stop or interrupt;

5. This service information is not displayed correctly, or is forged, tampered or deleted due to reasons beyond the control of the company, resulting in system interruption or abnormal operation.

Validity, interpretation and consultation of this article

1. The invalidity of all or part of any clause in this contract shall not affect the validity of other agreements;

2. If there is any objection to the terms of this contract, it will be interpreted in favor of the customer;

3. If customers have any questions about the service, they can consult through online customers or customer service mailbox;

4. The rights and obligations between the customer and the company shall be handled in accordance with the Internet regulations and the laws, regulations and practices of the Republic of China. If there is any imperfection in any statement or clause of the company, we will discuss the solution with the utmost sincerity and in accordance with the principle of good faith, equality and reciprocity.


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